Great People Create Great Projects.

(And, we have a cute office doggy!)

Meet your creative team:

They make dreams come true.

We rock at creating memorable brands because we adore branding. We are wonderful at creating amazing mobile experiences because we can’t get enough mobile. And we are great at customer service because we love people.

When founding Rocksauce Studios in 2010, CEO Q Manning had one goal in mind, “Create a company that loves what it does & makes every client project look like a million dollar brand.”

Q started his career as a self-taught graphic designer & web developer. Before long, he was leading creative teams for major companies such as WhispreWire, HBMG, and LinDigital. With a diverse background including a BFA in Film & Television, feature film-director, and award winner for writing, directing, and design, Q is on a constant quest to find the magical hook in each project to help it take the world by storm.

“My favorite part of this job is working with Appreneurs or Businesses who are ready to see their brand embrace mobile. Each day, there are new ways we can amaze customers.”

Peter Yoder has worked extensively on the creative, technical, and executive sides of the technology and entertainment industries, including theater management, producing several feature length films, and founding two tech companies. He has directed operations out of Los Angeles, Austin, Savannah, and San Jose, and prides himself on having a keen eye for creating top quality on any budget.

Every company needs someone who loves to make sure that all the Ts are crossed and all the Is are dotted, and that is what Peter can’t get enough of. Peter brings his strong background in producing under strict budget constraints in the film world to helping clients maximize their investments when delving into the lucrative app market.

“Actions solve problems, reactions cause new ones.”

Michael has lent her talents to various culinary institutions and customer service opportunities, before choosing to start her own endeavor, Eat Me Austin. While promoting her own delicious baked goods through Twitter and Facebook she discovered a propensity and love for mastering the analytics of SEO and Social Outreach.

In 2012, Rocksauce Studios brought her on as their Marketing Manager, immediately gaining Twitter followers, Ping-backs and pretty much any and all measurable social media metric. She immediately became a valuable member to the Rocksauce Studios family.

“Giving entrepreneurs confidence in their ability to birth a product from a single idea is the most beautiful part about what we do.”

Chris has over 14 years experience in the creative industry. He believes his job isn’t his title, it is the responsibilities he has to his clients and his team.

Unlike many creative directors, Chris remains very hands on; he prefers to lead by example and instruction. He is very experienced in all elements of marketing from traditional advertising to interactive and mobile design.

Chris has been fortunate to work with great clients and create solutions for them in which we are truly proud of. He finds immense satisfaction in taking a project from concept through completion.


Jason is a highly gifted, talented, and motivated developer. His ability to think, self-direct, and execute in the fast-pace and consistently changing environment that exists in today’s industry has enabled him, even at a young age, to accomplish more in his field than most. Whether its topping the App Store charts, writing code for Rainn Wilson, or building an app for the local business around the corner, Jason brings the same level of intensity and passion to every project.

Jason is a true perfectionists at heart and has a knack for building high-performance, intuitive, and jaw-dropping applications… in his sleep

“Working hard isn’t an action, its a way of life, its embedded in your DNA, and if you love what you do, it’s as natural as breathing.”

Since 2010, John Gholson has done distinct UX for mobile apps across a wide variety of industries. John’s background in sequential art from the Savannah College of Art & Design bolsters his UX approach with basic storytelling principles.

He stays creative outside the office by acting in feature films, writing for NBC/Universal, and constantly drawing.

“Always err on the side of passion.”

Born in Oregon, raised in Arkansas, educated in Georgia and working in Texas, Steven Walker has cut a path across the continent collecting inspiration from the widest variety of sources. He is a flag waving geek, a patriotic American, a consummate advocate of scientific progress and a shameless acolyte in the cult of efficiency.

A pixel snob of the first order, Steven sets high standards of quality and precision for every aspect of the Rocksauce pipeline, from Bleuprinting to Development. The depth of artistry and engineering that is required to produce even one quality app is staggering, and Steven embraces this truth in order to shepherd projects across the finish line.

“Great designs do not happen by accident. It takes the blood of artists, the sweat of managers, and the tears of engineers all mixed together to produce the Rocksauce.”

RJ Nye is a native Texan, having been raised in South Texas to relocating to Austin to study graphic design. While a student at The Art Institute of Austin, he developed a taste for creating smart, beautiful user interfaces.

It was no fluke that he joined the Rocksauce team before even attending his graduation ceremony.

As Rocksauce’s Production Artist, he partners with the Creative Director to deliver art that goes beyond your expectations. RJ has an eye for detail and a keen sense of brilliant UI design. With him on the team, he helps strengthen your app to make it stand out among the competition.

“Great design isn’t just about the aesthetic. It’s also about creating a memorable interactive experience. You can’t fake that.”

Steve is a native New Yorker who was raised in Canada and went to school in Vermont.

Steve does not like the cold very much, so after living in lands of desolate frozen tundra for the majority of his life – he decided it was time to move. Now he proudly calls sunny Austin Texas his home.

Steve enjoys anything that involves space ships or armored vehicles. And squashing bugs.

“The only good bug is a dead bug.”

Heidi Frohling has been living in beautiful Austin Texas for over 17 years. Her obsession with software and games started long ago with a DOS prompt. From the days of Commodore Amigas to the modern technology of today, she took her fun preoccupation and turned it into a career. With over 4 years of experience testing games and applications, Heidi’s perfectionism and positive work ethic will insure that any product that goes through her testing practices will be absolutely bug free!

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle

Ever since he opened his first business at age 12 Daniel has been bit by entrepreneur bug. He sharpened his skills while attending UNC and over the last decade he has help build 2 small businesses and has been recognized as a top producer in both the auto and construction industry.

After moving to Austin, Daniel decided to take his project management and business development skills into a new and exciting field. His favorite part of the job talking to people about their application, helping them grow their idea, and watching it come to life. It’s a feeling that’s hard to match!

“The way to get started is to stop talking and start doing” -Walt Disney

Born and bred on a cattle ranch in Wimberly Texas, Einstein Marie was elected Chief Corgi Officer shortly after her adoption by CEO Q Manning. She succeeds her older brother, Krypto, who was the CEO’s bestest buddy, until his passing in 2012.

On a daily basis, Einy champions every member of the Rocksauce team with her exuberant excitement and sloppy kisses. She can often be seen standing on her stumpy legs as she begs for a cookie.

Make sure to say “Hello!” whenever you stop by the Rocksauce Studios office. If she’s not getting enough attention, she’s very vocal and will let you know!

“Bow wow wow yippe yo yipee yay!”