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Rocksauce Studios Presents…Quiller!

rocksaucestudios on 2.5.2013 in Our Work

There are a lot of note-taking apps. Heck, your iPhone comes equipped with one right out of the box. However, there’s one thing missing from the countless apps that let you jot down your thoughts: personality. Rocksauce Studios is proud to present Quiller, an app that’s not about taking notes: it’s about keeping a journal. Unlike most apps of this type (which usually just turn into a place to keep grocery and to-do lists), Quiller is all about having a place to store your thoughts and personal stories. Quiller uses the iPad to recreate the experience of actually keeping a journal, replicating the feeling of ownership by letting you customize the experience and shooting inspiration straight into your brain by providing you with “thought prompts” for any situation. With Quiller, journaling is not only easy, but writer’s block is a thing of the past.

And since it’s designed by Rocksauce Studios, you can be assured that it’s a thing of absolute beauty to look at.

You can download Quiller right here. Scroll on down for the full list of features and the official press release!


Brewski Me Gets a Big Update!

rocksaucestudios on 1.22.2013 in Our Work

Whenever I tell someone that I work for an app development studio and they want to see an example of our work, I immediately fire up Brewski Me. In addition to being a gorgeously designed and intuitive mobile application, its appeal is instantly recognizable. After all, what tasteful human being wouldn’t want an app that lets them rate and track the various beers they’ve consuming while discovering what their friends are trying? As far as I’m concerned, Brewski Me is one of Rocksauce Studios‘ crown jewels. It’s a perfect app.

And it’s only getting better! A few major updates have now gone live, deepening the Brewski Me experience in new and exciting ways.


Use Rocksauce Studios Apps to Make Your Holiday Better!

rocksaucestudios on 12.25.2012 in Our Work


First of all: happy holidays to everyone reading this! Everyone here at Tapsauce and Rocksauce Studios wish you the best and hope you are having a wonderful week. Of course, you can guarantee a wonderful week if you download a few of our apps! And yes, this is a “Rocksauce Studios makes incredible mobile apps and you should put them on your smartphone” post, but you know what? I honestly believe the key to great holiday could lie in having a library of Rocksauce apps on your phone. Case in point…


Rocksauce Studios Presents Small Call, Our New App!

Michael Robin on 12.17.2012 in Our Work

Happy Monday, everyone! Today, Rocksauce Studios is proud to introduce our new mobile app, Small Call, which you can now download in the Google Play store. We look forward to hearing all of your thoughts and feedback — we’re proud of our work and know you’ll love it!

But what is Small Call? Well, it’s an app that Google said could not be done, but we went ahead and did it anyway! For details, check out our official press release below!

New Custom App helps users discreetly reject a call or send a text message to the caller with their Android Device

Smart phones are capable of doing so much these days. So much so that it begs the question, do we even really need them primarily as phones? We simply don’t make as many calls as we used to. These days, with web-browsing, games, and all sorts of apps, receiving calls are now a secondary function of our mobile devices. Whether you’re a social networker managing your own brand, a student researching that next paper, or a business person who gets more out of your email inbox than you do any other feature on your phone, chances are that you occasionally get interrupted with phone calls at times. Interrupting phone calls can now be a thing of the past thanks to Small Call for Android.


My Trip With Tripini

Chris Lindenmayer on 11.16.2012 in Art Our Work

It’s one thing to design an app — it’s another thing altogether to take the app into the field and see if the finished product works! I recently took a road trip to New Orleans and decided to Tripini, Rocksauce Studios’ new travel app, a run for its money!


Textheads Preview: Check Out the Art From Rocksauce Studios’ Latest Game!

rocksaucestudios on 11.14.2012 in Our Work

One of the great things about working as an artist in the mobile app field is the sheer number of different kinds of projects I get to work on. Right now, I’m working on the art and animation for Rocksauce Studios‘ latest game, Textheads! We’re keeping the exact details of the project under wraps at the moment (but if you were at Game On Austin, you may have gotten a sneak peek!), but I can tell you that it’s an “action texting game.” As you can see from the images above and below this words, it’s going to look amazing.


Rocksauce Studios: What’s Your Big Idea?

rocksaucestudios on 11.9.2012 in Our Work

Tapsauce is proud to present the latest commercial for Rocksauce Studios, the Austin-based mobile app design and development company that we call home. Produced by Arcanum Pictures, this incredibly clever thirty second spot showcases a day in the life of your average smartphone user, following him as he plans and executes his activities exclusively through Rocksauce apps. The commercial spotlights everything from our dermatologist-approved skincare app Nevus to our wonderful beer aficionado check-in app, Brewksi Me. Check it out after the jump!


Introducing Tripini, Rocksauce Studios’ Newest App!

rocksaucestudios on 10.24.2012 in Art Our Work


Rocksauce Studios is pleased to announce that Tripini, our latest mobile app, is live and ready for your downloads! And there’s no reason not to indulge us in this one: it’s free on both iOS and Android devices.

Think of Tripini as the ultimate tool for the sophisticated traveler. In addition to being gorgeously designed and incredibly easy to use, Tripini has the potential to transform a good trip into a great trip (or prevent a bad trip from happening altogether!). And did we mention that it’s free? Well, it’s free until November 15, so get on that as soon as possible!

Want to more? Click one of the many links above or keep on reading!


Our TickTalk App is Available Now!

rocksaucestudios on 9.17.2012 in Our Work


The latest app from Rocksauce Studios is here! TickTalk is “the talker’s metronome,” an app designed to help you control your own voice! Do you want to talk more slowly? Do you need to speed up? Just pick your speed from the (seriously gorgeous) interface, put your phone is your pocket and start talking!

With his permission, I’ve posted a message about the app written by our CEO Q Manning, who personally designed TickTalk.


Q & Answers: The Origins of the TickTalk App

Q Manning on 9.10.2012 in Our Work Q & Answers

What exactly is the TickTalk app? 

TickTalk is the talker’s metronome iPhone app, which is just about ready to hit the app store.. It’s there to help people who talk too fast or talk too slow or maybe somebody who just wants to change the cadence of their speech for a certain situation, like for an interview or a speech. Your phone sits in your pocket and the app causes it to vibrate at the rhythm of your choice. It goes from fast to slow (from “auctioneer” to “southerner”). It can buzz silently in your pocket or you can turn on audible cues for that extra tick-tick-tick.


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