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App Game Flappy Bird: Is Less Really More?

Michael Robin on 2.10.2014 in AppVice

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Viral app game Flappy Bird, a nintendo-like 8-bit side scroller, has become a viral sensation over the past few weeks. It was dominating both the App Store and Google Play, despite the overwhelming frustration it causes most of its players. The gameplay is straightforward and simplistic, yet it could possibly be one of the most difficult games you’ll ever play.


Don’t Be A Feature Glutton. Build an MVP.

Q Manning on 1.13.2014 in AppVice

Every day, Rocksauce Studios begins exciting conversations with potential Appreneurs about bringing their mobile projects to life. Our job is to be their partner as they venture into the mobile landscape, and one of the best pieces of advice we give: avoid being a feature glutton.

Whenever someone has a great idea, it’s inevitable that it will take root and being to germinate. One of the hardest things we must do is learn to keep our imaginations under control, and never let the perfect be the enemy of the good.


Your Idea Isn’t Special: Execution is what matters in the Mobile World

Q Manning on 1.11.2014 in AppVice

One constant exists in the mobile world: your great idea has already been done.

Don’t feel bad, it’s not just you. While there was a time when something wholly original could be created in mobile, those days are long gone. It’s a simple numbers game, and those numbers are stacked against you. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid mobile development. On the contrary, as any business owner will tell you, a pre-existing demand for something is exactly what you want. You won’t be responsible for introducing the concept to users, and if there are multiple competitors on the market without a clear leader already in place, then you know the public wants what you’re offering.


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