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Appetite for Destruction: SXSW Edition

John Gholson on 3.14.2013 in Appetite for Destruction

Did you catch us at SXSW this year? Sorry if we missed you! We were passing out a special edition of Appetite for Destruction with a SXSW comic in the back. If you want a physical copy, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do! Ohterwise, we’ve uploaded it here just for you!


SXSW Special: Vote For Your Favorite “Appetite For Destruction”

rocksaucestudios on 2.4.2013 in Appetite for Destruction



Since its inception, Tapsauce has been home to the world’s greatest terrible-mobile-app-themed four panel comic strip, Appetite For Destruction. For over a year, our own John Gholson has written and drawn a new comic every other Friday, creating a library of hilariously awful (and occasionally amazing) mobile app concepts, from iTeeth to Scroogr to Catnapp. Now, we want your help to pick the best of the best.

We don’t want to give away our Top Secret SXSW Plans quite yet, but we can tell you that Appetite For Destruction is a part of it. All we need you to do is head over our Facebook page and like or comment on your favorite comments! 

We’ll have more Appetite For Destruction (and more on our Super Stealthy Awesome Cool SXSW plans) very soon!


Appetite for Destruction: VINES!

John Gholson on 2.1.2013 in Appetite for Destruction

Sure, I mean, you could share short videos via Twitter with an app named Vine…OR you could get an app that’s actually about vines. It’s your call.


Appetite for Destruction: MANDROID

John Gholson on 1.18.2013 in Appetite for Destruction

It’s not an Android phone; it’s a MANdroid phone! Get it? GET IT?!?! *busts head through a brick wall* GEEEEEETTTT ITTTTTT??????



Appetite for Destruction: APPRACADBRA

John Gholson on 1.4.2013 in Appetite for Destruction

Oh, oh, oh, it’s magic! You know! Never believe it’s not so!


Appetite for Destruction: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

John Gholson on 12.21.2012 in Appetite for Destruction

No jokes here; just wishing you a Merry Christmas with sincerity and cheer. Enjoy your Holiday.


Appetite for Destruction: i-TEETH

John Gholson on 11.23.2012 in Appetite for Destruction

Brush ‘em if ya got ‘em, kids.


Appetite for Destruction: THE ANGER GAMES

John Gholson on 11.9.2012 in Appetite for Destruction

Don’t get mad; get apps! Brought to you by Rocksauce Studios!


Appetite for Destruction: THE BAT-APP

John Gholson on 10.26.2012 in Appetite for Destruction

Neener neener neener neener, neener neener neener neener, BAT-APP! I just wrote that song myself. Somebody hand me a Grammy.


Appetite for Destruction: iTRICKrTREAT

John Gholson on 10.5.2012 in Appetite for Destruction

“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!” – William Shakespeare.


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