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Wearable Technology: You won’t know it’s there

Michael Robin on 3.21.2014 in Rocksauce News


Written by Jay Morgan

Curated from The Australian

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EVERYONE is talking about wearable technology, which will be worth $US12.6 billion ($A13.9bn) by 2018, according to Statisca.

Some people say that’s a conservative estimate and that wearables will be bigger than the smartphone revolution.

Every year the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, showcases the leading interactive, digital and technology trends.


“Naked Truths” About Wearable Electronics

Michael Robin on 3.11.2014 in Rocksauce News


Curated from IEEE Spectrum 

SXSW Session Tech off Your Clothes covers functionality and fashion cocerns for the future of Wearable Electronics.

So, maybe you’ve bought a Nike+ Fuelband or a Jawbone UP band. Maybe it’s still on your wrist, and you check its data compulsively. But maybe it’s in a drawer, with your clunky smartwatch, your portable HD radio, and your Microsoft Zune.


SXSW: The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Get Noticed

Michael Robin on 3.7.2014 in Rocksauce News


Written by Jacob S. Hall

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Entrepreneur is on the ground in Austin for SXSW 2014. Feel as if you’re there with us as we share the latest innovations and give you a sneak peek at the launches and ideas that will change how you connect to your world.

With thousands of official (and unofficial) events and countless attendees, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at SXSW. It’s a different type of conference and to help you connect, we spoke with several SXSW mentors, experts from an event program where attendees can meet with industry pros for one-on-one advice and career planning. These thought leaders in tech, marketing and strategy share their thoughts on standing out and fitting in to help you get more from your time in Austin.


Rocksauce Studios Launches ReadRover App Platform for Children’s Books

Michael Robin on 9.24.2013 in Rocksauce News


September 24th, 2013

by Brandy Shaul at Inside Mobile Apps


Austin-based Rocksauce Studios has announced the launch of a new mobile solutions product called ReadRover, which was designed for authors hoping to self-publish children’s books on mobile devices. The app and accompanying website look to create a user-friendly method for publishing on tablets, complete with audio support and support for reader interactivity.


Launching Mobile Apps: A Business Owner’s Guide

Michael Robin on 5.12.2013 in Rocksauce News

May 12. 2013
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By  | In Advertising, Marketing & PRCustomer ServiceInternet, eCommerce & Social MediaMarketingMobile Computing

Mobile apps are becoming an ever increasing way consumers interact with businesses. By some estimations both the iTunes store and the Android Play Store each have about 800,000 apps for download. This is a simple guide to help business owners thinking about creating a mobile app written to help them keep important considerations in perspective.

As the mobile app market is still young, you can find examples of good and bad mobile apps.


Small Call: New Custom App Helps Users Discreetly Reject a Call or Send a Text Message to the Caller with Their Android Device

Michael Robin on 12.18.2012 in Press Releases Rocksauce News

Smart phones are capable of doing so much these days. So much so that it begs the question, are they really needed primarily as phones? Users simply don’t make as many calls as they used to.

Austin, TX, December 18, 2012 –(– AppsFalyf and Rocksauce Studios have released a new app to the GooglePlay Store. SmallCall:

An Interview with Rocksauce Studios

Michael Robin on 11.5.2012 in Rocksauce News


By Tom May on 

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Q Manning, one time Hollywood movie director and now the founder of app creation company Rocksauce tells Tom May about the daily joy of creating fine apps in Austin, Texas


AppShopper Hilights TickTalk: The Talker’s Metronome

Michael Robin on 9.17.2012 in Rocksauce News


September 17th 2012

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TickTalk is the Talker’s Metronome. Have you ever been told you “talk too fast” or maybe “too slow?” TickTalk is the answer for you. MORE

‘Spinferno’ Relaunches, Still Lets You Send Your Enemies Straight to Hell!

Michael Robin on 7.30.2012 in Rocksauce News


Game allows players to get revenge on friends and enemies alike!

July 30th 2012

Rocksauce Studios is pleased to announce the relaunch of their new mobile game, ‘Spinferno’ this time on a brand new platform, The soon-to-be-released OUYA Console!

Tapping into the extraordinarily popular Kickstarter platform, Rocksauce Studios has teamed up with game creator Chris Crane and SCABFARM founder & MTV’s Liquid Television artist Bernard Gumz, to give gamers the chance to work out their anger in a more cathartic way.


Rocksauce Studio Launches Skin Care App – nēvus

Michael Robin on 4.30.2012 in Rocksauce News


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We are very excited to see our client, Rocksauce Studio featured in appolicious today! In conjunction with Skin Cancer Awareness Month, nēvus, helps manage and protect the body’s largest organ, the skin!

For more information, read the review posted on appolicious

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