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When Infographics Go Wrong (Or How This Chart on App Development is Hugely Misleading)

Steven Walker on 2.4.2013 in Art


The infographic sampled above this sentence (and copied below) is terrible. Anyone with any knowledge of app development will find countless things wrong with it. Let me educate you.


Your App Is Not About Your Deadline!

Steven Walker on 5.3.2012 in Business


I am always amazed at how many people want to create a piece of software with absolutely no clue how software development works. Luckily, there are great people out there who can educate them along the way. We call it “software” for a reason. Software is intangible, unknowable, and incredibly subjective…something some people perpetually fail to understand. Software is art. You must approach software development as if you are commissioning a work of art.

The best developer I know used to be a pianist. I asked him how difficult it was to make the transition between playing the piano and writing code. His response was, “There was no transition. It’s exactly the same thing.” Let that statement enlighten you.


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