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Eating their cake & having it, too.

Q Manning on 2.3.2014 in UX


Today, Facebook launched its new app, Paper, and they are pulling off one of the biggest slight-of-hands in tech history.

Facebook has a long, raucous history with jamming massive User Experience changes down their member’s throats. Typically, this causes angry flare-ups from its users complaining about how the company has “ruined” the social network or how “they’ll never use Facebook again,” only to have all the clamor die down within a week.

Most of the time, users wind up falling in love with these features. Remember the member outcries when Facebook rolled out Status Updates? How “that’s why we have Twitter,” rang through the fiber-optic tubes of the webernets?

Don’t Be A Feature Glutton. Build an MVP.

Q Manning on 1.13.2014 in AppVice


Every day, Rocksauce Studios begins exciting conversations with potential Appreneurs about bringing their mobile projects to life. Our job is to be their partner as they venture into the mobile landscape, and one of the best pieces of advice we give: avoid being a feature glutton.

Whenever someone has a great idea, it’s inevitable that it will take root and being to germinate. One of the hardest things we must do is learn to keep our imaginations under control, and never let the perfect be the enemy of the good.


Your Idea Isn’t Special: Execution is what matters in the Mobile World

Q Manning on 1.11.2014 in AppVice


One constant exists in the mobile world: your great idea has already been done.

Don’t feel bad, it’s not just you. While there was a time when something wholly original could be created in mobile, those days are long gone. It’s a simple numbers game, and those numbers are stacked against you. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid mobile development. On the contrary, as any business owner will tell you, a pre-existing demand for something is exactly what you want. You won’t be responsible for introducing the concept to users, and if there are multiple competitors on the market without a clear leader already in place, then you know the public wants what you’re offering.


Q & Answers: Unlocking Your Smartphone is Now Illegal (And That’s Stupid)

Q Manning on 1.28.2013 in Q & Answers



As of last weekend, it is illegal to unlock your smartphone? Good call or bad call?

This is absolutely, ridiculously stupid. What I do with the device that I own, that belongs me, shouldn’t matter. If I want to unlock it, jailbreak it or do anything else to it, I should be able to. Granted, I say this as someone who has never owned an unlocked smartphone (and has never had any plans to go down that route), but the thought of it being completely and totally illegal seems silly to me.


Q & Answers: Car Shopping…of the Future!

Q Manning on 1.21.2013 in Q & Answers



You went car shopping recently. How important was finding a car that would interact with your smartphone?

Finding a car that would interact with my smartphone was pretty important. Even more than that, it was about having a strong onboard communication system that seemed cohesive, seemed to work together and had an overall solid interface. Many companies have disparate systems, which is the main issue we ran into as we looked at different cars.


Q & Answers: The Year in Review

Q Manning on 12.31.2012 in Q & Answers



What was your favorite app of the year? What was your favorite device?

Right now, I’m leaning toward Skala for best app o the year, but I’m not sure if it really came out this year. If not Skala, then I’d definitely say The Room, which is an awesome Myst style game for the iPad and iPhone. It’s a little too short — I beat it in about two hours — but those two hours were really intense and fun. But Skala sends whatever you’re working on in Photoshop directly to your device, which is extremely helpful. My favorite device of the year is a toss-up between my iPhone 5 and my iPad Mini. The iPhone 5 ultimately wins out because of its screen, but if the iPad Mini had a retina display, it would win this hands down. It’s pretty fantastic. I’ve played with all kinds of tablets, but few are as good as this one. I just wish the resolution was a little deeper.


Q & Answers: Thoughts on the New and Improved MySpace

Q Manning on 12.11.2012 in Q & Answers


You’re a big fan of the radically redesigned MySpace. In a nutshell, what do you like about it?

I’m excited about MySpace taking a much more clean, straightforward and succinct approach. They seem to be stripping down the superfluous stuff that made it such an unwieldy and terrible platform in the first place.  They seem to be embracing the homogenous profile concept that Facebook did but the interface is far more modern and new than what Facebook is currently doing.


Q & Answers: Advice For Blackberry

Q Manning on 11.20.2012 in Q & Answers


(Every week, Rocksauce Studios CEO Q Manning will answer your questions about app design, app development and the mobile industry.)

In January, RIM is going to announce the next version of their once-popular BlackBerry. What went so wrong? How did RIM because such an underdog in the past few years?

BlackBerry’s initial problem seemed to be an adherence to the old way of doing things. Just look at how long their phones were keyboard based and had those little scroll wheels on them! Then there was there software, which was extremely limited. If you wanted to install an app, you had delete another! The amount of space set aside for app use was ridiculous. They refused to embrace the app economy like Apple and Android did. They were behind the ball for too long. Even when they came out with their first touch phone, you still had to deal with extremely limited space for apps…of course, you had to find apps first and that was difficult. RIM didn’t do any outreach with developers and didn’t get anyone on board to make apps for them! Apple and Google have made it very easy to develop for them, hence their success (although if anyone from Microsoft is reading this, you should send Rocksauce Studios some Windows Phones so we can properly make apps for you!)


Q & Answers: Question Grab Bag!

Q Manning on 11.13.2012 in Q & Answers


(Every week, Rocksauce Studios CEO Q Manning will answer your questions about app design, app development and the mobile industry.)

There are rumors out there that Apple is fast tracking an iPhone 5S to come out in the next few months. If there is any truth to this, what do you think about it?

I think it is a terrible idea because there is already a misconception in the technology industry that Apple pushes out product too fast. I don’t think so. Look at Samsung or HTC, who tend to have a new phone out every three to six months with each one only being incrementally better than the last one. However, Apple has a much smaller product line and they only have a new device out about once a year, but each one feels like a bigger deal than your normal device. If they are fast tracking an iPhone 5S, it doesn’t make any sense. The complaints about the iPhone 5 generally revolve around it not being different enough, so there’s no way for a new version produced this quickly to be better. If there is any truth to this, it just adds further fuel to the fire and provides more evidence that Tim Cook has no idea what he’s doing running Apple.


Q & Answers: My Android Vacation

Q Manning on 10.29.2012 in Q & Answers


Recently, you took a break from your iPhone and took an “Android vacation.” Why did you do this? Which phone did you choose for this vacation and why did you choose it?

I chose to take a foray into the Android world because I’ve used an iPhone since the first generation of iPhones! Before this, I wasn’t as familiar with Android as I would’ve liked and my previous excursion across the aisle had been mediocre. However, with Android being a major player now and with the OS having gone through so many major changes, I decided it was time to see how things had changed and whether or not I’d be impressed (I also spent a week with a Windows Phone, but that’s a story for another day). The phone I selected was the HTC 1X, which was brand new and completely up to date. I chose this one because, being able to run Jellybean, it would be a great test device to have around the office for the Rocksauce team to use and experiment with.


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