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Appetite for Destruction: SXSW Edition

John Gholson on 3.14.2013 in Appetite for Destruction


Did you catch us at SXSW this year? Sorry if we missed you! We were passing out a special edition of Appetite for Destruction with a SXSW comic in the back. If you want a physical copy, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do! Ohterwise, we’ve uploaded it here just for you!


Appetite for Destruction: VINES!

John Gholson on 2.1.2013 in Appetite for Destruction


Sure, I mean, you could share short videos via Twitter with an app named Vine…OR you could get an app that’s actually about vines. It’s your call.


Appetite for Destruction: MANDROID

John Gholson on 1.18.2013 in Appetite for Destruction


It’s not an Android phone; it’s a MANdroid phone! Get it? GET IT?!?! *busts head through a brick wall* GEEEEEETTTT ITTTTTT??????



Appetite for Destruction: APPRACADBRA

John Gholson on 1.4.2013 in Appetite for Destruction


Oh, oh, oh, it’s magic! You know! Never believe it’s not so!


My Month With an Android: First Reactions

John Gholson on in UX



I should get this out of the way first – I’m no Apple diehard. I use whatever tech I like the most, which typically amounts to what tech has the best value or what tech is the most ubiquitous. I got an Apple device when I started designing apps, because there was a much greater demand for iPhone apps, not because I had to have the new hotness. It was a necessary decision that I don’t regret. I typically use my iPhone like a little laptop, probably like most of us do – playing games, poking around on social networks, watching videos, reading web content. I don’t get a lot of text messages and I rarely make or receive phone calls, but it’s still an indispensable tool in my daily life.

And then one day, my iPhone screen shattered into a million little pieces. It still works, but it’s like looking through a permanent spider-web. Kinda takes the fun out of things. I wasn’t ready to just go out and snag an iPhone 5, but my job affords me the opportunity to test drive new phones. We just happened to have an HTC One X available in the office for testing, so it was fate that I ended up testing my first Android for an extended period of time.


Appetite for Destruction: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

John Gholson on 12.21.2012 in Appetite for Destruction


No jokes here; just wishing you a Merry Christmas with sincerity and cheer. Enjoy your Holiday.


Appetite for Destruction: i-TEETH

John Gholson on 11.23.2012 in Appetite for Destruction


Brush ‘em if ya got ‘em, kids.


Appetite for Destruction: THE ANGER GAMES

John Gholson on 11.9.2012 in Appetite for Destruction


Don’t get mad; get apps! Brought to you by Rocksauce Studios!


Appetite for Destruction: THE BAT-APP

John Gholson on 10.26.2012 in Appetite for Destruction


Neener neener neener neener, neener neener neener neener, BAT-APP! I just wrote that song myself. Somebody hand me a Grammy.


Appetite for Destruction: iTRICKrTREAT

John Gholson on 10.5.2012 in Appetite for Destruction


“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!” – William Shakespeare.


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