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The Most Useful App Design Tool of 2012

Chris Lindenmayer on 12.31.2012 in Art


And the most useful design tool for mobile app design in 2012 is… Skala Preview! We have avoided countless headaches and frustrations by using this tool and encourage every app designer to download it today! Simply put, as a Mobile App Designer and the Creative Director of Rocksauce Studios, we cannot work efficiently without it.


My Trip With Tripini

Chris Lindenmayer on 11.16.2012 in Art Our Work


It’s one thing to design an app — it’s another thing altogether to take the app into the field and see if the finished product works! I recently took a road trip to New Orleans and decided to Tripini, Rocksauce Studios’ new travel app, a run for its money!


Inside the Design Studio: DaySince Number

Chris Lindenmayer on 5.17.2012 in Art



Welcome back to Inside the Design Studio, where we take you behind the scenes and give you a quick glimpse at the app design process! Today, we’ll be teasing DaySince, an upcoming Rocksauce Studios app. We can’t tell you what it does quite yet (but you will soon enough), but after the jump, you can check out the creation of a piece of art — a number, if you want to get specific — in Illustrator. Whether you’re genuinely interested in app design or just want to see hours of work sped up to a brisk 45 seconds, you should definitely hit the jump.


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